Why Scribetribe
in Healthcare ?

Healthcare is one of the highest growth industries in the entire world. It’s divided into several sectors, including the life sciences, biotechnology, pharmaceuticals, services, and healthcare equipment. Professionals employed in these sectors work together to provide medical care to people worldwide. They're also responsible for developing new technology and medical procedures to enhance health. Because the healthcare industry is so diverse, hundreds of thousands of professionals seek job opportunities in this industry every year. As healthcare continues to expand in the world, there will be more need for employees for many years to come.


Welcome to Scribe Tribe


Scribetribe offers a unique certification program in medical scribing,The program imparts almost all the basic
skills required to be employable/trainable in the vast and varied industry of medical scribing, like

  • Electronic Health Recorder
  • Medical Records Manager
  • Medical Records Auditor
  • Medical Coder/Medical Coding
  • Medical Transcriptionist/Medical Transcription
  • Medical Records Technician
  • Medical Documentation Technician
  • Medical Biller/Medical Billing
  • Physician's Assistant
  • Medical Assistant
  • Medical Scribe
  • Medical Secretary
  • Medical Receptionist
  • Doctor’s Assistant
  • Remote Medical Scribing
  • Real-time Medical Scribe
  • Live Remote Medical Scribe
  • Physician Practice Manager
  • Clinical Medical Reviewer
  • Medical Scribe Specialist, etc.

Also Scribetribe guarantees 100% placements with a minimum annual salary of INR 450,000 post job training. The program is a three-level certification course offered by New Generation jobs with a duration of 11 months tentatively


Our Highlights heartbeaticon

  • Work only five days a week.
  • Working hours are only around 8 hours per day.
  • Medical Scriber's can work as Doctor’s right-hand person for realtime documentation.
  • Work independently, directly for Doctors.
  • No Metrics-based pressure.
  • Lucrative starting salary of Rs.38,000/Month.
  • Amazing and predictive career growth opportunities.
  • Exposure to International Healthcare system.

Program Structure

Certificate Program in Medical Scribing is a 9 months, 3 level certification program.

LEVEL 14 Months Tentatively - (616 Class Hours)
  • Language of medicine

  • English Grammer & Americanisms

  • Medical coding - ICD + CPT/EDM

  • Typing

This level requires the students to have successfully completed a minimum of 616 hours of training at a CPMS India Member Institute, to be eligible to attempt the first level certification test (FLC Test)

  • Medical Scribing Essentials

  • Audio + Typing

  • Video + Typing

The training of the second level certification happens at the recruiting partner's facility in Bangalore. During this period, the students shall be paid Rs.12,000/- per month.

This level which is also know as "Shadowing" happens at the recruiting partner's facility located in Bangalore. The stipends paid to students during this period shall be Rs.15,000/- per month.

  • The second and third levels are more criteria oriented, and hence shall be customized and varied based on individual students
  • The Students are required to pass the certification test of each level to progress to the next level.
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